Volunteering for local sporting events

Volunteering is a widely popular activity in the world of sports, but many people only think about offering their services in big international events. The openings in such events are, however, limited and have very many people fighting for a chance to get in.

You can, however, receive just as much satisfaction by volunteering in events happening near you. These sporting and recreation events require just as much extra input, perhaps more since they often operate on leaner budgets.

Moreover, they offer you a chance to get volunteering events and the opportunity to be spotted by organisers of larger events in the future. Most major events consider any type of service experience an added advantage when filtering applications, so those local sporting events work just as well to improve your resume.

The beauty of sport is that it takes the same form at all levels. The same logistics required to organize an NBA event are what will be needed to make a meeting between two local clubs successful. The same facilities used at the Rugby Sevens circuit will be needed for an estate touch match.

Volunteering at local leagues thus gives you the chance to get a feel of how things are done at the highest level. You will be amazed at the level of commitment required to make the even seemingly small competitions successful. This will give you the grit required when you apply to take part in future major events.

Local sporting events you can volunteer in include leagues for team sports (football, rugby, cricket, basketball etc.), athletics, motorsports and cycling.

If you have a skill in an activity that people engage in for recreational purposes, you are a gem that needs to shine. It could be guiding campers on a track during a hike, offering first aid for campers, being a lifeguard for swimmers etc.

Chaperoning kids’ activities can also be great too. You will no doubt be stretched by the inexhaustible energy of their young blood, but at the end of the day, imparting your skills to them will feel very rewarding.

There may not be publicised calls for volunteering at local sporting and recreational events but they really require these services. If you have the heart to do it, care to hit them with an offer. You may just give them the solution to a problem that they didn’t even know they had.