Major Sporting Events Where Volunteers Can Take Part

Volunteering is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get into the significant events of your favourite sports. Many people, however, do not know when, or how, to take part in these noble and beneficial activities.

If that sounds like you, well, worry no more. You are now on your path to getting right in the thick of the action. With useful information about some of the most significant events that are open to volunteers, it should only be a matter of time before you are part of the big story. Read on.

This is arguably the most watched sporting event in the world, and you could be part of it. 2018 gave the world one of the most significant events to date, with thousands of volunteers offering their services in Russia. The next FIFA World Cup comes our way in 2022.

Qatar will be hosting the upcoming FIFA World Cup and has already made calls for volunteers to apply. There will be even more volunteers required as the sports keep growing, and the Middle Eastern country tries to use the event to promote its tourism agenda.

FIFA, the body mandated to run the sport worldwide, is also mooting a plan to expand the World Cup from 32 up to 48 teams in 2026, which means there are even more chances for volunteers coming up. To get on board, an online search for Qatar World Cup volunteering will come in handy.

This game, played with balls of an odd shape, is not oddly popular across the world. Rugby is known to bring the world together in one huge party full of action. While the game looks menacing from the sidelines, it is incredible just how peaceful rugby tournaments usually are.

The next event heads to Japan in 2019. Volunteer opportunities for the competitions should already be done and dusted, but the following games are not that far anyway. After Japan, the ball will bounce to France in 2023. As an organised sport, rugby is known for early preparations, and volunteer opportunities for Paris should already be in the air. Grab them, anybody?

Before the FIFA World Cup returns, the Olympics will be happening again in 2020. Tokyo, Japan, will be hosting the next round of IOC competitions. Preparations for the hosting have been going on since the bid was awarded in 2013. Having hosted the event before, Tokyo will be continuing on their success.

Volunteers can check out opportunities in these competitions by heading to the Olympics 2020 organising committee website.

While the Summer Olympics are the most popular, the Winter Olympics offer just as an exciting chance for volunteers to take part. The 2022 event will be happening in Beijing, China, and volunteer opportunities should still be available.

Once the Olympics are over, you know that the Paralympics are just around the corner. The event takes place in the same host city and country as the Olympics; the next event will be happening in Japan.

Again, this event’s volunteering should be closed, but it is nice to keep looking. Sometimes volunteers drop out for one reason or another, and it becomes necessary to replace them.

There are always athletics meetings going on around the world that require volunteer input. Think of the Diamond League, London Marathon, Nairobi Marathon, Boston Marathon and many others. These are events with many people, and happening in a large area, hence a constant need for numerous volunteers.

The fact that events such as marathons are held on stretches of over 40 kilometres, on open roads and public places, makes them very engaging for volunteers. These events are held cyclically, making it necessary to keep picking up volunteers. The websites of specific race organisers usually have application forms for volunteers.

Every continent in the world usually has several competitions for its member countries on a regular basis. These include football competitions such as the European Championship, Copa America and the Africa Cup of Nations, plus athletics competitions, and boxing, among many others.

There are also youth games for most of these disciplines which require volunteers too.

Keeping your head up for volunteering opportunities is the best way to get a chance. As you may notice, there are always many people competing for these openings. Also, organising committees love to tidy up early, by getting everything set a year or several, before the actual event. The ideal thing to do is to start looking out for openings as soon as bids are awarded. Keeping your eyes on our website means you never miss a chance.